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  • Water Issues

    Watersheds and Climate Change, Ask-an-Expert

    Paul Lehman is the General Manager of Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) — the conservation agency responsible for the Carp and Mississippi watersheds in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario. Climate Change Where I...

    Topic:Air, Atmosphere and Climate, Ecosystems, Water Issues
    Subject:Science, Geography, Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Studies, Environmental Studies
    Grade: 9 10 11 12

  • Energy Use and Conservation

    What Is Energy?

    Energy is the capacity to make things move. Energy is available in two forms, kinetic and potential. Kinetic is active and found in heat, light, sound and motion. Potential energy is stored in coal, batteries or food, for example. In...

    Type:Lesson Plan
    Topic:Energy Generation, Energy Use and Conservation
    Subject:Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Studies
    Level:Primary / Elementary
    Grade:JK K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

  • Taking Action

    Where Are the MDGs?

    By investigating the coverage of the Millennium Development Goals in the media, students learn about both the local and global presence of development issues, as well as gain an introduction to the way the media represents these...

    Type:Lesson Plan
    Topic:Air, Atmosphere and Climate, Solutions, Taking Action
    Subject:English / Language Arts, Geography, Interdisciplinary Studies
    Grade: 8 9 10 11 12

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