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  • Natural Resources

    Maple Syrup Value Systems and Value Chains: Considering Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal Perspectives

    Abstract from this detailed, academic journal article: Harvested from both intensive sugar maple stands and diverse mixed forest ecosystems across Ontario, maple syrup is an important rural and Aboriginal...

    Topic:Aboriginal Rights and Knowledge, Food and Agriculture, Natural Resources
    Subject:Science, Geography, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Aboriginal Studies
    Grade: 12

  • Aboriginal Rights and Knowledge

    The Land is Changing: Stories from Across the North

    Students interview elders, older relatives and/or parents about the issues, impacts and potential ways of adapting to climate change in the north. Interview questions are designed to shed light on the issues of climate change.

    Type:Lesson Plan
    Topic:Aboriginal Rights and Knowledge
    Subject:English / Language Arts, Social Studies, Aboriginal Studies
    Level:Primary / Elementary, Intermediate / Middle, Secondary
    Grade:JK K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

  • Human Rights

    Wend Wendland on Traditional Knowledge

    Wend Wendland, World Intellectual Property Organization, delves into the issues of traditional knowledge, looking at where the rights lie, and the treaties emerging to protect them. View video here

    Topic:Environment, Human Rights
    Subject:Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Aboriginal Studies, Environmental Science

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