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Launched in 2011, COOL 2.0 is a new program of the GreenLearning Canada Foundation. Late in 2009, GreenLearning Canada hosted a design retreat that brought together a select group of Canadian teachers, youth leaders, curriculum consultants, and ministry of education representatives. COOL 2.0 grew out of their shared dedication to excellence in climate change education.

Cool 2.0 is a collaborative community for teaching and learning about climate change.

Cool 2.0 is the go-to hub for the best education resources on energy, environment and sustainability: lesson plans, videos, research and data, and collaborative projects for a variety of grades and subjects. Teachers search by keyword, grade level, subject, province, language, and more. These rich education resources have been contributed by teachers, by GreenLearning and by GreenLearning’s many partners such as UNICEF Canada, Sustainability Frontiers, Biosphere, Wild BC, and Earth Day Canada.

In the Cool 2.0 Teacher Space, teachers create and manage rich learning experiences for students. The robust web 2.0 platform allows teachers to create assignments, customize resources in the Education Database, and integrate blogs, mapping, online discussions, and media galleries for your classes.

COOL 2.0 is Collaborative Teaching and Learning.For example, a small group of teachers, concerned about the lack of quality resources for teaching the new Climate Change Unit of the Ontario Grade 10 Science course, collaborated in COOL 2.0 to develop a comprehensive set of lessons and learning activities. Teachers can create collaborative spaces where their students can connect with other classes in research, debate and action projects.

COOL 2.0 is access to the world outside the classroom — access to climate change experts, to industry representatives that are leading real change, to other youth and youth leaders, to academics and to policy makers.

COOL 2.0 is an effective learning community for tackling the tough energy challenges of the 21st century. Climate change, oil sands, renewable energy, carbon taxes — contentious and complex issues, with few blacks and whites. COOL 2.0 provides teachers and learners with objective, challenge-based learning activities that will deepen understanding, foster critical thinking and give students a voice.

Teachers comment on how climate despair is a real barrier to engaging students in learning. COOL 2.0 provides activities to help the teacher meet this head-on. It exposes students to solutions, providing them with authentic opportunities to engage with those driving solutions and to take positive action.

COOL 2.0 was developed by teachers, for teachers. Learn more about GreenLearning Canada at www.greenlearning.ca.

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COOL 2.0 is a program of GreenLearning Canada and like all GreenLearning programs, is free.

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envisions a generation of young Canadians who are inspired to actively create a sustainable and just world.  Our mission is to create innovative teaching resources and other rich educational experiences that empower Canadians to create positive environmental and social change in their own lives, schools, and communities.  GreenLearning Canada is a solar oven challenge, a carbon calculator, and a unique field school. It is eLearning activities and hands-on construction plans. It is curriculum-aligned web-based resources for students, grades 4 and up, and professional development workshops for Canada's innovative teachers.